POL 101 – American Government

Examination of the institutional structure and policy-making process of national government as reflections of assumptions of liberal democracy and the American social and economic systems. In addition to the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government, political parties, interest groups, and elections are considered.

POL 215 – Methods of Political Science

Introduction to quantitative research methods and their application to the study of politics. Topics include empiricism, survey research and polling, electoral behavior, and public opinion. Special attention is given to research design, data collection, data processing, and statistical analysis. Prerequisite: Completion of one from the following: POL 101,102,103,104; and Sophomore or above class standing.

POL 228 – Race and Politics in the United States

An examination of the impact of race on political representation in the United States. Using the concept of political representation as our framework, students explore topics such as race and the electoral process, voting trends and public opinion among racial minorities, race and representation in the American party system and the U.S. Congress, and race and public policy. The intense struggle of African Americans to gain fair political representation in the United States is a special focus of this course. Prerequisite: POL 101